DigitalMe: CV generation

As part of my previous work, I looked at a lot of design CVs. One thing I really, really wanted to stay away from was overly Infographic CVs. I wanted to treat my CV as a piece of editorial design. I did start off by playing with fonts  & colours, although this started to evolve into me designing a logo for myself, which I am not as interested in doing; Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 17.25.37

Wanting to stay away from creating a tacky over- designed logo for myself (again) I decided to stick with using an orange dot on further design here. why orange? I did a bit of investigating into colour theory, and it seemed the most appropriate. On my old self- branding stuff I used a lot of pink because I thought it made me seem energetic and really outspoken. Of course, this was born out of anxiety that I needed to be super super confident and extroverted to ever work in design; It wasnt actually very honest to me as a person. Since then, I have gained a little more faith in myself and know that I don’t need to be a big- shouty person to work. Orange embodies enthusiasm, happiness, creativity and determination. I had also considered green, as part of my branding here was veering towards me being honest about having little experience and wanting to experience as much of the creative sector as possible. I did feel however that framing that with green colour would perhaps emphasise the more negative aspects of being unexperienced, whilst orange with a focus on un-jaded (pardon the pun) enthusiasm would work better. With that in mind, and after spending some time writing the content of my cv (and lots more time reading exactly the most effective way to do that) I started putting together some rough CV ideas. I came up with this: Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 14.06.45

As I have said, I wanted to make this as functional and non- flashy as possible, and just show off my type skills as plainly as possible. Obviously, this isn’t 100% ready; the text itself needs a once over by someone who’s better at written english than I am, and then it’ll need a final comb over for things like widows, orphans and the like. I tried to bring the orange back in with the // artefacts in the text but I am not completely happy that its brought back strong enough as is. Originally they weren’t bold and they weren’t quite as large in point size and after talking to some friends bolded it out. I also tried putting some text- sized circles to mimic the larger mark at the top, but they came through far, far too strongly. This will be something I mention with tutors at the next crit. I also realise that making this in portrait makes it specifically a print CV, as its a bad shape for screens, so I put together an alternate layout to use digitally; Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 14.08.17

But it needs way, way more work until I’m happy with it. I cant quite make the line lengths something that I like whilst not killing the white space balance. Its a problem and its going to take several hours of messing about to make it something I am happy with.

I actually did quite a lot of reading in the interests of making the copy work, reading this, thisthis, and this. I think a lot of designers forget the most important part of a design CV is the copy. thats where you really sell yourself. Perhaps the design is lower down on the CV’s hierarchy of needs, but the copy is probably more important, just like it would be with any other CV.

Now I have something of a house style for myself and it will be something I can easily extrapolate to my website & PDF portfolios.



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