Branding: Reflecting on Dragon Glass

I’ve been reflecting on my Dragon Glass recently, and am going to be doing some improvements to the whole thing based on that. First things first, I’ll be reviewing my feedback from the conclusion of the project, a couple months back;

I like your research progression, especially as you begin to develop iterations of colour and pattern. Well thought out and documented. However, as you reference heraldry a lot in your documentation, it would have been great to see some evidence of research into heraldic forms and colours, as it’s a huge resource.

A good outcome. I think the dragon’s head loses its form a little on the embossed leather touchpoint, but that’s nitpicking.

I do question your perception of the target audience. You’ve focussed on a social demographic, rather than a commercial one. The people who need stained glass services are quite simply ‘the people who need stained glass’. Think about targeting the NEED, not the person. Case in point – I had a lot of stained glass work done while renovating my house, and I don’t fit your demographic one bit!

Spellcheck is there for a reason. Use it!

I particularly take on board the target audience comment here, I will be revisiting my development PDF for this and rewriting that part. Whether this will have a knock- on effect and alters the outcome at all will become evident after I’ve sorted it. I did write a very specific target market though, and I think I may have bordered on being tongue in cheek with it, perhaps even looking down onto my target audience a touch, which was silly. Ill be reworking that for sure.

As for the research, I will be revisiting heraldic forms and colours, and because of the embossed leather stuff, I will be attempting to rework the logo just a little bit.

I’m also going to be assembling the whole thing into a nicer display package for my final touch points, because this was something I think I rushed a bit and its not presented pristinely!



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