Storybook: Beginning

This week I have started my “storybook” unit, which involves us portraying a story of our choice in some kind of book format; be that as a physical book, or in other formats, which we will be exploring at some point this week.

We started by discussing Booker’s seven story types, and categorising films, books and plays we know as each. I found this helpful as it highlights in these stories the key “beats” that make up most of these (often at first rather complex) tales. With this knowledge I feel like I could boil down a lot of these movies, books etc into five or six frames whilst still portraying the story.

Next we were tasked with drawing out a story of our choice on large pieces of paper in marker pens. I chose Alien and some of my results were as follows:


I ended up basically storyboarding the entirety of the Alien film as I remember it, drawing somewhat from our introductory task last unit of drawing out our routine of getting up and going into university.  I thought a scene by scene play of the film was what would have been expected of me, something I know now not to be entirely true after seeing everyone else’s work at the end of the day.

If I were to do this task again, I feel there would be a lot I would do different. For one, I would not storyboard out the entire film, and perhaps try and stick to five or six different scenes. I would also probable set it out in a circular fashion, to invoke the lifecycle of the Alien, as is a motif of the films themselves. In my head it looks something like a diagram of the lifecycle of an insect, perhaps with an added section with the Alien being defeated. This would look a lot more visually pleasing than the messy frame by frame thing I went for on the day. I think if this project allows me to continue working from this task, and building on a book about Alien, I would very much like to revisit this task in my own time and make something I am more happy with. I suppose I’ll have to set some time out from my studies to watch Alien once more as well!


Image #2

My final composition for my image project:


I have looked at my feedback from my tutor about my Image project;

Some interesting ideas, but more development needed in visualising the ideas.

A greater variety of layout versions should be explored at rough stage to give a clearer idea of the possible ways of presenting content.

A difference in scale between main ‘balanced’ figure and the clumsy drawn figures would make a stronger composition and would make clearer a good concept.

Some information a little too subtle to read.

It would be very well revising this (hope you have all layers still) – it could be very good.

All required processes in place.

Particular process skills are not commented on. One objective of this project was that students explore new ways of making and encounter the challenge of combining a variety of processes in one composition. Working outside your comfort zone develops flexible thinking/making.

Im quite happy with my 3 “good” marks for this project, and I understand that I need to visualise my ideas more. I think from here on out I’m going to try and properly explore ideas, perhaps with proper noted down research, and extensive scamping and mindmapping in my sketchbook. I think this should not just have a positive effect on grades, but my practice and ideas overall.

Image #1

Yesterday we were briefed on our first subject module; a composition of photography and drawings with elements of photoshop and illustrator, based around a specific word of our choosing. My word is Balance.We have been given two weeks to complete this, and spent a day today on idea generation as a class. I admit last night I mind mapped all words I could think of as a starting point:


Because of this I already had put down a lot of ideas which had come straight to me and had to work harder to come up with more. Luckily, we were put in teams of people who had selected the same word. I was lucky to be put with just one student, which allowed me to bounce ideas off of her, giving us both a set of new and possibly more thought out ideas.


I also found the session beneficial because it gave me a chance to talk through ideas with Ray, my tutor for the day. We went on to starting to draw out quick imagery based on our mind maps:


Overall I found the session very useful for my idea generation, as I now have a more fully formed idea of exactly what I want my composition to be about in relation to balance. I have decided to focus on the improbability of the human body’s ability to stand and balance by itself, so I’ll be drawing figures in poses relating to gymnastics, ballet as well as contrasting figures of small children learning to walk, and drunk people. I will be also striving to gather photographic imagery of the same.

I shall be updating here again once I have a large collection of imagery and i am ready to start composing, or when I have any reflective updates to make.



Hello! My name’s Bill, and I am a year one Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I’ve come here after completing the first year of a HND graphic design course which I left due to its narrow focus on computer work. I come here hoping that the change in living space and slew of new experiences that university life brings will help me develop creatively, as well as a person. I also have hopes that the broader approach CSAD has to teaching creative subjects will nurture my creative mind and allow me to explore new areas of design that I would have never been able to in my highly- computer based HND last year.Whilst I have always been thrilled at the idea of almost any job in the creative sector, I have recently taken an interest in design jobs for television, specifically production designers and animators. I’m going to be taking every opportunity I get to study in audio visual workshops and the animation suites. I have very little knowledge of these areas and would love to learn just how they work.