Field: In Summary

The internet of places field project gave me reason to return to my studies in regards to coding. Working with Arduinos was a good way to learn python- like coding, as it produced physical results that made learning and trouble shooting more simple than an error message would on a pure coding platform. It gave me a good basis to investigate several different coding languages afterwards; I am now starting to become proficient in python as well as HTML and CSS. My plan over summer is to dive into alternate website coding platforms, such as Ruby on rails and even more in- depth coding languages and processes such as SQL. This of course, feeds very neatly into my subject area. Whilst I am enjoying the print based work I tend to focus on in graphics, I am acutely aware the that future of the medium is completely digital. The more fluent I become in all kinds of coding, the better I am going to do in my future career in design. I plan to use skills to create a technically impressive website for my portfolio work over summer. I currently have a website designed in Adobe Portfolio, but elements of design are completely impossible using this program which I know now from my own learning of HTML and CSS are simple fixes by looking at the code itself. Over summer I will be making my own website as a project.

The significance of information project was challenging for me. I found it surprisingly hard to find ways to display numerical information in a meaningful and new way; I found it difficult to move away from “re- skinned” versions of traditional charts; Trying to display information in the most efficient way always just seemed to lead back to what ended being very much like types of charts I have seen. Researching pictorial information designers such as Sarah Illenberger, however, helped; they brought some intrigue back to the medium whilst using standard and functional graph constructs. My exploration of photography in this unit is something that strongly influenced my following persuasion project within subject. Before the field project I would not have considered using photography that I had captured myself in any of my work; specifically, because I had exactly zero confidence in my photography skills. I learned a lot during the significance of information project in regards to techniques for studio photography as well as how to use a camera properly. These skills directly allowed me to use photography for my subject work.

Overall, it was an advantageous year of field, specifically for helping me learn new technical skills I had not properly explored before. Field has allowed me to be more experimental and create in mediums outside of my comfort zone, without fear of it being too low quality thanks to my inexperience. This has therefore been beneficial for building my confidence as well as my ability to produce higher quality work in these mediums.